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Start of the National Bodysurf Championship

On May 8, the National Bodysurf Championship 2021 began, on the beach of São João da Caparica. This is one of the projects that Associação Surf Social Wave carries out and that helps us to fulfill our social mission. It is the "purest form of surfing", an aquatic sport in which athletes use their bodies to glide on the waves. This year the Championship returns to the usual 5 stages and the first stage, Caparica Pro, opened the season in the best way, by waves between meter and meter and a half with very good conditions to which the athletes with performances always above average corresponded. The championship consists of two circuits, Open and Junior.

In the spotlight, we have the appearance of a new generation of Bodysurfers, with new bodyboard athletes coming to bodysurf. Guilherme Santos, Aquacarca athlete was the winner of the Junior competition. In the Open there are two athletes to highlight both of Vagueira. Junior, Tiago Mesquita, who reached the final not only of the Open but Junior, and Miguel Rocha, who sealed his first place in the Open with a tube at the last minute of the final.

This championship is only possible with the support of the Municipality of Almada, Leblon, the Municipality of Cascais, Aqua Carca, the Municipality of Torres Vedras, Sealand, Manel Sport, the Municipality of Vagos, the Association of Surfers from Vagos, Mare and UCA, Espumantaria, Peixola restaurant, Ferroviário, Gwiker, Portugal Rent, Surfrider Foundation Europe Lisbon, media partners MEO Beachcam, Sport TV, the Portuguese Surf Federation and Surf Social Wave Association that assumes the organization of this championship but above all of the bodysurfers who are the biggest incentive to take this championship further.

The Associação Surf Social Wave is a non-profit association of a social nature, which operates in the area of surfing, contributing through the practice of this sport and all the benefits that it brings, both from the point of view of physical training, and from the point of view. from the point of view of acquiring skills, to improve the lives of three segments of society in situations of social exclusion or at risk of exclusion. This is a structured and structured project, which is leveraged by the main surfing partners in Portugal and has institutional partners.


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