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2021, a year of good waves

2021 was a year of good waves for the Surf Social Wave Association, we accomplished what we had set out to do, despite the difficulties inherent in the storms we all faced.

When in January we started our first Cascais Surf Program for Employability, our energy was reinforced by the positive impact of our work in 2020 and it was with that energy that we approached all the challenges that we faced, but it was also with this positive energy that we infected people who came to participate in our programs.

In May we had one of the highest moments of the year when we were recognized as a Public Utility Entity, something that we aspired to achieve since the beginning of our project and this motivated us even more to continue to respond to the needs that we found throughout the year, for that reason we were honored and with an added responsibility when we were challenged by the Cascais City Council to develop a program aimed at young people who do not work, do not study and are not in training (NEET). From this challenge came the JobCamp Cascais Surf +Futuro, which had two editions still in pilot mode in 2021 and presented very relevant results.

Our impact is measured by the almost fifty people who have gone through our programs, who were unemployed or looking for their first job, of these more than 40 are finding a job or are setting up their dream project. It is good to work with this focus on the other and to see that, despite the difficulties inherent in this atypical year, there is a way to go that takes us where we want to be.

This year we were also able to more effectively reactivate our surf school, ASSW SURF ACADEMY, and also the National Bodysurf Championship, where we launched for the first time a structured platform for the development of the sport with the creation of Bodysurf TryOut, moments of free experience for all those who want to surf the waves with their body. These small events have already taken place in the Lisbon region and in 2022 they will tour the country, as the essential support of our partners in this project.

Today we feel that we are more and more, more and more people focused on helping others, coaches, teachers, speakers, partner companies, our interlocutors at Cascais City Council, our social partners linked to the sea and surfing and naturally those who invest in our project and are fundamental for us to carry out our mission.

Thank you all.


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