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Hello Surfer!
A set of good changes is coming to the Nova SBE surf locker.

Surf locker will be more organized, clean and available.
In the near future there will also be material for rent, surfing lessons for beginners and intermediates, 4 times a day at Carcavelos.

For start we need your help to take your material off so we can prepare everything as soon as possible.
If you have material in the Surf area, please come and collect it until May 3rd.

Thank you and Good Waves,

Associação Surf Social Wave

Associação Surf Social Wave

Who are we?
We are a non-profit, public benefit and social association.

Our mission is to promote the employability of young people and adults who are unemployed or looking for their first job. We believe in the transformative power of surfing in their professional, social and personal training.

Therefore, we developed the Program Cascais Surf for Employability, which takes place at Nova SBE in Carcavelos.

​Within the Associação Surf Social Wave there is the ASSW Surf Academy, a surf school that supports our mission. It is also one of the ways of financing the social project.

Find out more here.

Contact us

+351 933 407 375

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