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Applications open | 21st Edition of the Program Cascais Surf for Employability

Applications have opened for the 21st Edition of the Program Cascais Surf for Employability, which runs from April 1st to May 3rd, and applications are open until March 25th at -employability. This program aims to empower participants to return to the job market. This is a program developed by Associação Surf Social Wave in conjunction with Cascais Municipal Council, Nova SBE, Randstad and other partners.

The Program Cascais Surf for Employability aims to promote the employability of young people and adults who are unemployed or looking for their first job. The Program takes place in Cascais, at Nova SBE in Carcavelos and surfing classes are held at Praia de Carcavelos. For 5 weeks, participants do surfing and yoga twice a week, do individual and group coaching sessions, have sessions in different areas, such as economics, finance and accounting, marketing and communication, management and planning, project development, tools digital technologies, entrepreneurship and active job search. The trainers range from Nova SBE professors to specialists in their respective fields, in order to convey an academic vision, but also a more practical and objective vision of the world of work. The program also offers lectures with several speakers whose life stories are truly inspiring.

The Program has already received a total of 200 participants, and has a 90% success rate in returning to the job market. In 2023, 90% of participants returned to work, of which 50% found employment and 50% started their own project.

The Surf Social Wave Association holds 4 editions per year and each edition receives between 10 and 12 participants. The 21st Edition will be the second in 2024.

More information and applications here:

This program has the fundamental support of Cascais City Council, Nova SBE, Randstad, Sushi at Home, Billabong Portugal, DNA Cascais, Stone Capital, Fiuza, Vda-Vieira de Almeida, CRQL – Lombos Praia, the ASSW Surf Academy, the Surfrider Foundation Lisbon, and the Portuguese Surfing Federation.


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