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This year we launched the PT305 project, which is a supportive sports project and above all a challenge towards a healthy life and a healthy mind, based on the principles of the Surf Social Wave Association and brings with it two main objectives. The first is the promotion of regular sports practice, the second the possibility of contributing to a social cause.

The PT305 is a challenge that runs from May 25th to June 1st, 2022 and aims to cover 5 km swimming, 100 km running and 200 km cycling = 305 km in total.

This project imagined by our team aims to bring together many other teams to carry out this challenge that can be done by a person or a team that divides between themselves the different modalities and distances. The objective is to complete the 305km within a week.

There are no restrictions regarding the place where you can carry out the different challenges, it could be in a pool, river or sea, on a treadmill, on a trail, on a track, on a stationary bike, on a mountain bike or on a cycling bike or on a gravel, each individual participant or each team chooses their ideal conditions, and at the end they must prove that the distances have been met, it can be through an app, a gps watch, a phone or any other that allows.

In the end, we ask that each team donate 1 euro for each kilometer, with a maximum value of 305 euros per team to help the mission of the Associação Surf Social Wave.

We leave the link on our website with more information and where you can register -


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