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On the way to being the best surf teacher in the world

Beatriz Morais is 25 years old, she is passionate about sport, the sea and the waves, she has been surfing since she was little and has the dream of being a surf teacher. She participated in the 8th Edition of the Cascais Surf Program for Employability.

Beatriz graduated in Hotel Management and worked in the area for 2 years with the feeling that it was not what completed her. She dictated the pandemic to become unemployed and saw in the Cascais Surf Program for Employability an opportunity to learn and chart a path towards her dream. In this edition of the program, we had for the first time the attribution of a value for the best pitch of the developed project, which was won by Beatriz with the project of becoming the best surf teacher in the world.

This pitch session took place on the 5th of March, with a group of juries composed by representatives of the Surf Social Wave Association, from the Cascais City Council, from Nova SBE; Sushi at Home and Billabong.

We talked to Beatriz to learn more about her experience during the Cascais Surf Program for Employability and her next steps.

ASSW: What do you take from the Program?

Beatriz: Above all, I take an enormous learning about everything that involves opening a business or reaching a goal; On the other hand, I also take a new discovery with the presence of yoga classes that brought me a lot of extra calm for my day to day! I also take an unexpected prize that will help me realize my dream faster, and last but not least, I take many friends with whom I will one day share the sea.

ASSW: What do you highlight?

Beatriz: There are many moments that marked me, but I can highlight the time spent with Teresa (especially one of the first classes that we were all still a little bit embarrassed about and she challenged us to make funny drawings in a very short time, like an ice breaker game );

Undoubtedly, also all the speakers that have passed, with greater emphasis on that of Nuno Vitorino and that of Rui Pedro that left us a message of persistence and courage;

And finally the last session where there was a gathering and we were all in a more relaxed atmosphere where we shared an incredible sushi dinner.

ASSW: What are your next steps?

Beatriz: My next steps, some already taken, are the purchase of new surf material for my students; give regular “test” classes to family and friends who want to discover and / or develop their surfing further; take my degree I surf coach course and then try to make contacts with surf schools that may initially receive me as an intern.

I want to discover my own style of teaching, and I will always try to make a difference by the passion I have and by wanting so much to achieve this goal of working on something that really makes me happy.

Na sessão de Pitch a Beatriz apresentou este um vídeo que surpreendeu e contagiou todos com uma energia incrível e vontade de apanhar umas ondas.


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