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Testimonials - Surf Program for Employability

My passage in the program was the beginning of a great personal and professional change. It was through the same that today I can say that I work in a cause that I like and at the same time I gained the confidence and support to undertake.

Sara Silva

2nd Edition

The surf changed my life. Whenever I go to sea I work on my resilience and my self-confidence. This had and has a great impact on the construction of my identity as a person and professional.

And the joy I take from the waves is unique.

Ana Sá da Costa

1st edition

It was a very positive experience, very pleasant, with a lot of knowledge acquisition and a lot of sharing among the participants. It was extremely positive.

Vasco Silva

2nd Edition

THE program changes my life almost instantly. I feel closer to achieving my plan and being successful.

Mario Vidal

2nd Edition

The mixture between the most theoretical part and the physical part is very good. Encourages to get out of a sedentary lifestyle. It ends up taking you out of your comfort zone and stimulates you because you realize that you can and that you can . It is good for health and for the mind.

Rui Campos

5th Edition

It was wonderful in terms of discovery, deconstruction and giving us tools to be able to go a little deeper than we are, what we want and how we managed to make a project that, in my case, was already thought and matured about two years ago, really.

Mafalda Pereira da Silva

2nd Edition

It was good, it was meeting new people, having a new group, having another motivation and Surf is definitely helping that a lot.

Ricardo Horta

2nd Edition

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