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Join us and help others

to change their life for better!

t the form below:


Being an ASSW member is also a way to contribute to improving the lives of others.

Associates are the foundation that allows us to go further every day.

By becoming an associate, you gain several advantages with our partners,

but the best of all is the offer of a surf lesson so you can

also experience the incredible sensation of gliding in the waves

(exclusive offer for those who pay the quota annually).

Individual member - intended for people who want to help the Surf Social Wave project on an ongoing basis by paying a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual fee.


Annual Value ..................... 50 euros

To become a member please fill out the form below:

Thank you for being part of this project. We will send you more information soon

After registering as a member, we will send you a donation receipt with payment instructions by bank transfer. THANKS!

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