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The PT305 Project is a challenge towards a healthy life,  a healthy mind, anchored in the principles of the Surf Social Wave Association.

It is a Solidarity Sports Event that can be done individually or in  team that aims to complete:

5 km swimming + 100 km running + 200 km cycling = 305 km

All in the space of a week between  May 25 and June 1, 2022.

Natação na natureza


Swimming - 5 km

It can be in a pool, in the sea or in the river, just one person or a team in which each person swims part of the course.

The goal is 5km all done at once. 


Run - 100km

On a trail, on a track, on a bike path, by the sea or by the river, or even on a crosswalk. The goal is 100km to run . Just one person or a team where each one runs a part of the distance. Simultaneously or in relay mode. 

AP Corrida cut.jpg
Motociclista no topo da montanha


Bike - 200km

200 km by bike is the ultimate challenge , it can be done on a mountain bike, road bike or on a stationary bike, as long as it is done in one go . It can be just one person or a team. 


Alone  vs. Team

The PT305 challenge can be done individually, and the distance of  Each modality must be covered only once. But it can also be done by team . In this case the team must complete the total distance simultaneously or in a relay all within a week.

Boot Camp


Heart & Mãos

1 km = 1 euro

This is also a challenge that helps the mission of the Surf Social Wave Association, each participant will be able to donate 1 Euro for every 1 km done by him .  

The funds obtained from this event will be used to carry out the social impact programs that we carry out.

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