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The Surf Social Wave Project promotes social inclusion for young people and adults through the practice of surfing and access to the professions that make up the surfing industry.

For us, surfing is more than just a sport, it is a way of being.


We work to help young people and adults in situations of social fragility by teaching them the values necessary for surfing and having them apply these values to their daily lives.

The project

The Surf Social Wave Project is based on two rationales:

The first being that the skills learned through surfing can be applied to our daily lives. When we surf we face multiple challenges. Many times the sea is bad, nethertheless we get in it, other times the sea is big, yet even if we are scared we risk it and enter. Other times the sea is perfect, however we cannot catch waves, or we catch one but we fall. We have to be resilient; we have to overcome our fears, we have to be cautious and responsible, we have to respect the sea. Then there are the unforgettable moments, the wave in our life that we will remember forever. The fear that becomes the sensation of doing something that seemed impossible to us. This is what surfing brings us and that we can transfer to our professional life. Therefore, we believe that through surfing we can help children, young people and adults to improve their lives.

The second reason is what surfing represents today in Portugal from an economic point of view. The recent growth of surfing has brought with it a multitude of professions linked to surfing. Today, when we look at this industry, we see the surfer in the center, but we also see a panoply of professions that have emerged around surfing. We have, among others, people who make surfboards, people who work in surfcamps or surf schools, designers, journalists, photographers, physiotherapists, coaches, marketers, brand representatives, owners of own brands, etc.

Our starting point is surf lessons, but to achieve our goal in the direction of employability we developed a DCTM © process, (Deconstruction, Construction, Tools / Mentoring) that gave rise to the Surf Program for Employability which has 4 editions per year since 2019 with a success rate of 90%. Our program is aimed at unemployed adults .

The team

We are a multidisciplinary team, passionate about the sea, who believe that surfing can open new paths for those who want and are available to travel. We believe, like Mahatma Gandhi, that "we are going to be the change we want to see in the world".

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