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for your curiosity about this project.

The Surf Social Wave Association is dedicated to promoting the social inclusion of young people and adults through surfing and access to the professions that make up the surfing industry.

For us, surfing is more than just a sport, it is a way of being in life.


We intend to influence young people and adults in situations of social fragility and unemployment so that they bring to their day-to-day the teachings and values associated with surfing.

Surfing for Employability

This program that we have created and implemented since 2019 aims to promote the development of employability skills of young people and adults looking for their 1st job or unemployed through surfing, supporting them in the design and implementation of their personal/professional path, enhancing the activity and technical know-how of the various possible work contexts in the area of surfing and beyond.

Surf + Future

The Surf + Futuro job camp is an intensive 3-day program that aims to awaken and train young people to enter the job market and achieve their goals.

Surf Academy

This is one of the ways of financing our social project.  

For us, teaching surfing is a passionate and incredible job.We are one  school where experience exceeds expectations!

To learn more about Surf Social Wave's work

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